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Vedic Havan Samigri Dhoop Batti

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“Sachha Havan Jagaye Tan Man ”
A product of “Calves N Leaves”

Made in a stick form ,Vedic Havan Samigri Dhoop Batti is a combination of over 27 highly active purifiers plus special herbs that provide you benefits of a complete havan ,destroys harmful bacteria’s, maintains positive energy In It’s surroundings for a prolonged time and promotes the creation of Ozone layers.

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  • It promotes the creation of Ozone layers.
  • It reduces the level of green house gases like Nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide.
  • It helps In balancing & and re- emerging chakras, creating a revitalized and rejuvenating effect on mind, body and soul.
  • It maintains positive energy In Its surroundings for a prolonged time.
  • It destroys harmful bacteria, virus and creates a shield around living and work areas.
  • Its pleasant and natural smell keeps the environment fresh.

Gomay, Pure Gir Cow Vedic Ghrit, Jau, Til, Akshat, Navgraha-Iakdl (Arka, Palash, Plpal, Durva, Apamarga, Udumbara, Kusa, Saml, Khadira) Nagarmotha, Maida lakdi, Jatamamsi, lalchandan, Loban, Guggul, Kapur, Ral, Kapurkachrl, Jigat, Perfume and Special herbs.

Direction of Use:
Use Vedic hawan Samlgri Dhoop battlln pooja areas, living and working areas, offices, temples etc.

Available in 3 Quantites
30pcs (With Kund) @ Rs.190
60pcs (Refill Pack) @ Rs. 140

Burn 6 HRS 4 PCS @RS 150

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30 PCS With Kund, 60 Nos, Burn 6 HRS 4 PCS

2 reviews for Vedic Havan Samigri Dhoop Batti

  1. calves n leaves

    very good product

  2. calves n leaves


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