Cow in our country is respected and is called as MATA (mother). Mother means creation, care taker, giver, mother is a sum of all goodness and so is our cows (GAU).

This is the only animal whose output is used and consumed completely without wasting any of its resources. But now it is a tragedy that the population of this beautiful creation has dwindled drastically and very bad treatment is given to this creation.

The indian breed of cows has immense divine and curative properties which distinguishes it from not only all other animals but also amongst its own family.Overtime,even though her goodness retained,the recognition of the same declined.The creation who once was the symbol of wealth and enjoyed a healthy population has dwindled to mere existence and has become extinct. Claves and leaves aims to save ,serve and sustain the Indian breed of cows.

There are sad facts about this beautiful creation:

  • During independence, India could boast of a rich lineage of 85 species of cows. Today sadly only 30 breeds exist.
  • More than 85% of the total Cow population is female and less than 15% are male. Most of the males are sent for slaughtering as no remunerative use of them is there. (Earlier used for farming).
  • Why is it that almost all Matas have to live on donations when they can be self-sufficient?

It is time to give our Gau Mata respect and help that was given when theyfirst entered in the universe in the form of KAMDHENU, one of the most precious RATNAS (gems or treasures) that were produced from the ocean. It is our responsibility to protect them and serve them.

Claves and leaves believes in reviving the Indian breed of cows back in the indian society by making it a means of generating positive value-economically,socially and environmentally.Its aims at merging the traditional goodness of this breed to contemporary forms and uses, backed with technology and necessary scientific evidence and validation. Claves and leaves aims to save, serve and sustain the Indian breed of cows.It develops a product range that blends the knowledge of vedas (Ancient Hindu Scriptures) and the goodness of mother cow (Panchgavya)-earning not only her living but for those who nurture her as well. Hence, creating a value,which contributes in the revival of her and her glorious days again, and a pure and healthy world for ourselves.