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Vedic Hair Oil

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” Tonic for healthy hair “
A product of ” Calves N Leaves “

Vedic Hair Oil is a unique formulation made as per Vedic recipe with seven essential oils and seventeen herbs that stimulate life to the roots of hair and works as a tonic to prevent hair fall, controls premature greying of hair. and prosper hair growth & thickness

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  • It controls premature greying of hair and hair-loss.
  • It Is highly effective against dandruff as it is highly anti-fungal in nature.
  • It strengthens roots of the hair and prevents damage of the hair cells.
  • It promotes hair-growth.
  • It cools the scalp.
  • It maintains hair’s inherent lustre and thickness.
  • It prevents itching in head
  • It provides relief from headache and stress
  • It promotes sound sleep thus helpful in control of insomnia
  • It provides freshness on wake up.

Rosemary oil 0.1%. Jetun 2%. Badam 1%. Narikela 29.65%. sarso oil 35%. Til oil 28%. Erand Oil 4%, lavender Flavour q.s .Amla 6.25% , Aam kl gutli 0.5%. Bhringraja 6.25%. Brahmi 2.5%, Bavachi 0.25%. Gau Mutra 1.5%. Gulab patti 0.75%, Tulsi Patti 1.25%, Henna 1.25%. Jethimadh 0.5%. Kachuro 0.5%, Kapurkachri 0.5%, Lauki 1.25%, Lodhra 0.75%, Nimbu patti 0.5%, Nagarmotha 0.75%. sughandi Valo 1.25%.

Direction for use:
Apply adequate quantity of oil on your head and massage lightly with finger tips gently in a circular motion.

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Dimensions 10 × 20 × 112 cm

200 ML, 60 ML

2 reviews for Vedic Hair Oil

  1. Pooja Maheshwari

    Very Effective Product.. Everyone must go for it..

  2. priya8396 (verified owner)

    Very nice product. Hair is becoming very smooth, silky and manageable after applying this.

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