Foot Crack Cream

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“Heals the Heels “
A product of ” Calves N Leaves “

Vedic foot crack cream is made of twenty five plus natural ingredients. Exposure of heels, pressure on heels and prolonged standing causes dryness to skin and results in the heels to crack. Vedic foot crack cream reduces pain, removes dead skin and repairs the wound. It is a quick and effective way to heal, maintain and protect your heels naturally.


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  • It removes dead skin
  • It promotes healing and smoothness
  • It helps in reducing pain
  • It heals the deep cracks
  • It reduces swelling
  • It has anti biotic and anti bacterial elements
  • It purifies the blood
  • It prevents itchiness and reduces burning sensation

Ingredients :
Erand 99%. gau ghrut 1%. ashok 2%. haldi 2%. daruhaldi 1.5%. devdar 1.5%. jethimadh 1.5%. kamal kand 1.5%. khair 1.5%. lalchandan 1.5%. manjistha 1.5%. nagarmotha 1.5%, pathamul1.5%. satavari 4%. aakado patti 4%, aloevera 4%. bavachi 4%. gau gobar 4%. gulab patti 4%. neem 4%. neem patti 4%. ral 2%. gau mutra 2%. sh. Fitakdi 0.25%. pudina ful 0.25%. kokkam butter q.s, beeswax q.s

1 review for Foot Crack Cream

  1. Vidhya Jain

    This really helps me a lot.

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